[Users] create Taskwarrior task from within Claws

Gour gour at atmarama.net
Sat Dec 17 16:16:58 CET 2011


I'd like, similar to The feature in TackCoach, to be able to create from
within Claws new task for Taskwarrior (http://taskwarrior.org/) todo
list mananger.

For instance I'd like to be able that after selecting some email
message in the Claws, get simple gui dialog with the possibility to
enter some paremeters of the task (e.g. subject of email msg could
become task etc.) and after submitting it, to have new task for
Taskwarrior created.

To create new task in Taskwarrior one enters something like:

task add this is new task from claws-mail and TaskWarrior would create a
new task with the "this is new task from claws mail" description.

Is it possible to achieve something like that via e.g. Python' scripting
interface, iow. without going into C?


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