[Users] CM auto-save...

Pierre Fortin pf at pfortin.com
Sat Dec 17 11:55:38 CET 2011


Never noticed this before...  not sure if it's an issue; but there may be
a minor bug with auto-save (or it could be intentional...)

When composing or editing a Drafts message, it gets auto-saved to Drafts
every N (mine is set to 5) characters...  Opening the Drafts folder to
continue a previous message, or just opening Drafts with the selected
message being the one I'm working on, CM repaints the main window every N

Each time it does this, the status bar flashes (too fast to read) what
appears to be (this is what initially caught my attention):
  Sorting summary .......
  Setting .....

So... I can see the message being auto-saved.  If another message is
selected in the Drafts folder, then only the message summary flashes --
apparently being sorted and re-displayed... 

It's interesting to see CM at work... :)   

However, while trying to figure out what was happening, I did notice that
auto-save updates the message I'm working on as long as I'm ADDING
characters....  However, if I'm DELETING characters, auto-save does not
occur until I ADD characters again...

Was this an oversight, or intended? 

I know... "intended" == nothing to fix...  LOL

Thinking about it some more, it may be intentional since deleting is
destructive (notwithstanding undo)...

Should auto-save also occur when characters are being deleted?  Count
changes, not just adds..?


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