[Users] Another wish : confirmation before sending

Daniel Caillibaud ml at lairdutemps.org
Tue Dec 6 16:16:08 CET 2011


I know I should always look carefully at all recipient before sending a mail, but like most
users I not always do...
And when I do, most of the time I don't scroll the recipient list to verify if the one I reply 
does'nt add somebody in the recipient list (it's happen).

Is it a good idea to add a choice in preferences
"ask for confirmation before sending"
- always
- only if more than one recipient
- never

The confirmation dialog could display
- subject
- recipients (one per line, prefix by To or Cc or Bcc), if possible without scrolling
with two buttons
- send
- back to editing

I guess it will be usefull for me (as a reminder "do you really know all the list") but I'm not
so sure it's the case for most (if you don't care about recipient before sending, you'll
probably confirm without reading the dialog box).

So I let everybody give their opinion and developers choose if it's a feature to add or not...


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