[Users] GTK+3 transition (was: Re: Hidden(?) CM feature(s)...)

Michael Rasmussen mir at miras.org
Thu Dec 1 23:40:56 CET 2011

On Thu, 1 Dec 2011 23:22:28 +0100
Ricardo Mones <ricardo at mones.org> wrote:

>   Unfortunately seems to be a one-man effort (as nobody else is committing on
> the github repo), which it's probably not much given the size of gnome2.
I don't think so:
MATE is a fork of Gnome 2 which is compatible with Gnome 3. Thanks to
MATE, you can run both versions of Gnome on the same system.

MATE is present on the DVD edition of Linux Mint 12. Users of the CD
edition can install it via the mint-meta-mate package.

MATE is brand new, it's not completely stable yet, and it's missing a
few parts. It's being actively maintained and with close collaboration
between the MATE developers and Linux Mint. With time the project will
gain maturity and provide users with a traditional and solid desktop

Eventually, MATE will be in every way identical to Gnome 2 and
represent the future of traditional desktops within Linux.

In Linux Mint 12, both mintDesktop (in the RC) and mintMenu (in the
stable release) are adapted and receive full support to work with MATE."

Michael Rasmussen

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