[Translators] Support for msgctxt

Andrej Kacian andrej at kacian.sk
Tue Nov 13 10:57:41 CET 2012

Hello all,

I wonder if it is time already to stop using deprecated msgid context
strings for gettext, and move to msgctxt. Basically, this would have
following effect for po/pot files.

Instead of:

#: src/account.c:1537
msgid "Accounts List Get Column Name|G"
msgstr ""

The files would contain:

#: src/account.c:1537
msgctxt "Accounts List Get Column Name"
msgid "G"
msgstr ""

Programatically, We'd just switch from Q_("context|string") to
C_("context", "string"), so the potential impact would be bigger
for translators than for developers.

I have no idea how well msgctxt is supported in various translation
programs. It should be no problem, since msgctxt is available since
gettext-0.15, which is several years old. Popular tools like Poedit
already seem to support it (http://www.poedit.net/trac/ticket/148).

Thoughts? Suggestions?


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