[Users] Claws Mail 4.2.0 and 3.20.0 Unleashed!!!

Paul paul at claws-mail.org
Mon Nov 20 12:25:31 UTC 2023

20th November 2023                          Claws Mail 4.2.0 / 3.20.0


Claws Mail is a GTK+ based, user-friendly, lightweight, and fast 
email client.

New in this release:

* An easy way to open any folder on start-up has been added:
  Right-click a folder and choose 'Open on start-up'.
  This can also be configured on the 'Folder list' tab of the
  /Configuration/Preferences/Display/Summaries page.

* Spam statistics have been added to the session statistics.

* It is now possible to save message attachments only, without the
  other message parts.

* QuickSearch: support for a "v H V" search expression has been added
  and the 'y S' expression has been removed ('v X-Label S' can be
  used instead).

* font/* and chemical/* MIME types are now recognised.

* The image viewer now works correctly when not auto-loading images.

* Icon Themes: it is no longer possible to install or remove system

* IMAP: Support for SCRAM-SHA-{224,256,384,512} authentication
  mechanisms has been added.

* IMAP: The statusbar now shows that expunge is happening.

* The GData plugin has been removed.

* The Fancy plugin no longer requires libsoup or libsoup-gnome.

* The LiteHTML Viewer plugin has been synchronised with litehtml 0.7.

* The LiteHTML viewer plugin will now only be built automatically if
  libgumbo 0.12 or newer is available. Building with libgumbo 0.10
  must be explicitly requested using --enable-litehtml_viewer-plugin.

* For extra debug output use --enable-more-addressbook-debug and

* Added translation: Portuguese  

* Updated translations: Brazilian Portuguese, Catalan, Czech, French,
  Polish, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese,

* bug fixes:
	* bug 4491, 'address autocompletion list does not expand in
		     height with the number of matches'
	* bug 4618, 'Rate limit by remote breaks queued/marked
		     actions (Delete/Move)'
	* bug 4631, 'Embedding external editor crashes Claws-Mail on
	* bug 4637, 'Segmentation fault when using SUMMARY is empty'
	* bug 4645, 'fails to check for perl-ExtUtils::Embed'
	* bug 4648, 'fails to build with gcc 13'
	* bug 4658, 'Headers unfolded incorrectly in message view'
	* bug 4664, 'OAUTH2 overwrites passwords even for plaintext
	* bug 4666, 'fancy plugin doesn't build with
	* bug 4670, 'To/CC incorrectly escaped with a trailing
	* bug 4679, 'The correct date header is interpreted
		     incorrectly to display strange date.'
	* bug 4693, 'Hang and crash when enable disable SVG Rendering
	* when starting with msgview hidden, toggling msgview to show
	  it would use incorrect height
	* update quicksearch history list when changing type 
	* wrong message which is shown when mail can't be sent
	* when redirecting, disable queueing
	* arbitrary paste restriction
	* when queueing or drafting a msg with an attachment which no
	  longer exists, use the correct label on the button of the
	  warning dialogue
	* using a custom header in found_in_addressbook match
	* URIs may contain the '$' dollar sign
	* OAuth2, Update on-disk tokens as well when in-memory tokens
	  are updated
	* Microsoft POP3 OAuth2 protocol

For further details of the numbered bugs and RFEs listed above
see https://www.claws-mail.org/bug/[BUG NUMBER]

See ChangeLog for full information regarding changes in this release.

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