[Users] [Bug 4224] Characters showing as underscores

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Fri Jan 31 22:49:33 CET 2020


--- Comment #6 from Peter <naoh at riseup.net> ---
Some more info. STR:

1. Pick an RSS message which shows underscores
2. Open its source in a text editor
3. Add a single character anywhere in the body, save
4. In Claws - click another message, then back the problematic one


No underscores!

5. Undo the editing, save.
6. Repeat 4.


No underscores.

The problem with this workaround though is that on next refresh of the feed,
the message may be replaced with its original.

I have been looking at the source code of RSSyl but couldn't find anything. Too
complicated for me. I hope an expert can have a look.

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