[Users] Replacement for 'dillo' plugin

Jerry jerry at seibercom.net
Thu Jan 23 12:01:42 CET 2020

FreeBSD 11.3-RELEASE-p5 amd64
claws-mail version 3.17.4

I think I asked this question before; however, I was wondering if there
has been any movement on it.

Unfortunately, on a FreeBSD system, the "fancy" plugin is not available.

Port:   mail/claws-mail-fancy
Date:   2019-03-24
Reason: Has expired: webkit-gtk* last release in 2016 and security

I am therefore forced, or at least I think I am being forced, to use
the "dillo" plugin; ie, dillo2 version 3.0.5.

Using claws-mail on a Win 10 machine or when I was still able to use
the old 'fancy' plugin, I was able to click on a link in an email, and
that link would open in my preferred web browser. That does not happen
consistently with 'dillo'. Often, 'dillo' wants to disregard my web
browser and instead chooses to and open the link itself. This often
fails with the added bonus of not allowing me the opportunity to
navigate from within the newly opened URL.

So, does claws-mail have some other way to open a URL from within an
email that is consistent with the way the 'fancy' plugin used to work?
While I can use claws-mail via my Windows PC, it is not always
convenient or desirable for me to do so. Under <Preferences> <External
Programs> I have entered "firefox". Apparently, that has no effect on
Programs> how URLs are handled.

HTML contend is often distorted on the page with the dillo plugin. This
is 2020, not 1990. There is no legitimate reason for HTML mail and or
links to not be displayed properly or handled correctly. This has
become a serious problem with my personal email and intolerable with
my professional email accounts.

I have used claws-mail for over a decade and until recently, always
enjoyed it. However, unless a solution is found for this problem I fear
I may have to move onto a newer MUA,


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