[Users] python plugin

Peter Hanlon hanlonpp at tpg.com.au
Tue Nov 19 05:55:16 CET 2019

I am trying to build a Smart Home application around Raspberry Pi and
Claws. Claws is a terrific base, and an absolute credit to you guys.
Unless you are really bad elsewhere, you will probably make heaven.

I am trying to pick bits out of messages, and delete/trash them after
processing. Typically, when scanning the inbox programmatically, I am
going to find a bunch of messages to delete, with known msgobj
objects. But I cannot see how to get hold of the trash folder object
to use the clawsmail move messages function. Another way might be to
'select' the message and call in the Message/Trash action, but I can't
see how to 'select' programmatically either. Any advice very gratefully
received.  Thanks,


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