[Users] Delete button no longer jumps to next unread message

Paul claws at thewildbeast.co.uk
Mon Nov 18 17:19:01 CET 2019

On Mon, 18 Nov 2019 08:59:08 -0800
John Jason Jordan <johnxj at gmx.com> wrote: 

> I did a dist-upgrade from Xubuntu 16.04-6 to 18.04 and now I have
> Claws Mail 3.16.0. The upgrade (as usual) messed up a lot of things in
> Claws that I have fixed, but one that I cannot fix is that clicking on
> the Delete button deletes the selected message(s), but no longer
> automatically jumps to the next unread message. I've looked all over
> the Preferences and other options and I can't figure out how to turn
> this back on. I hope someone can point me to the solution. Thanks in
> advance.

You didn't say what version you upgraded from, but it must have been at least

Always read the release notes, they're written for reasons such as this.

The release notes for version 3.13.1 include this item:

* A hidden pref has been added, 'next_on_delete'. This controls the
  message selection when a message is deleted. A setting of '0'
  which cause the previous, older message to be selected, a setting
  of '1' will cause the next, newer message to be selected.

Read all the release notes here: https://www.claws-mail.org/NEWS

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