[Users] tags_bgcolor and tags_color ignored in .claws-mail/clawsrc

Lars Schotte lars at gustik.eu
Fri Nov 15 01:59:12 CET 2019

Hey folks,

I am using a dark mode and it is looking quite good after tweaking a
few colours here in .claws-mail/clawsrc but tags_ get ignored.

 diff .claws-mail/clawsrc /tmp/clawsrc
> tags_color=#ffffff
> tags_bgcolor=#000000

as you can see, he removes those two lines I added again.
Some idea why claws-mail ignores it? Maybe wasn't in as of this release?

It is Claws Mail version 3.11.1
Name        : claws-mail
Arch        : x86_64
Version     : 3.11.1
Release     : 5.el7
Size        : 17 M
Repo        : installed
From repo   : epel-testing

I am running CentOS7 here as you can see.

I have no idea why EPEL-testing has such an old version still in.
But apart from that tags_color it works well, that's why I wanted to
fix this instead of upgrading to a newer version, well ... of CentOS

I see that I can only change successfully what is listed on clawsrc.
Adding new preference lines seem to usually fail, right?

 Lars Schotte
 Mudroňova 13
92101 Piešťany
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