[Users] Limits in claws - numbers of folders, filters etc?

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Wed May 22 21:36:23 CEST 2019

Hello Jeremy,

On Wed, 22 May 2019 20:18:34 +0100 "Jeremy Nicoll" <jn.ml.clwm.729 at letterboxes.org> wrote:

> Does Claws have any practical limits?

Yes, depends on the amount of things you handle with it and how your
machine can handle it.

> Suppose I collect mail from here & there using POP3, then have many
> filters in Claws to route mails to my own offline collection of
> folders & sub-folders & sub-sub...-sub folders...
> Does Claws care what the sub-folder structure is and how complicated /
> numerous it is?
> Does it care how many filters I define?
> Even if it works ok, are there any practical problems, eg managing
> hundreds or thousands of filters / folders?

The amount of folders will impact memory consumption (and storage). The
number of filters potentially impact cpu cycles (and a bit memory).
There is no real limit for all this, neither by design nor by
experience (there could be, by internal data storage types and other
platform specs but I guess any user is really very far from reaching
the boundaries).

Here: 2 instances, ~30 accounts, ~450 filtering rules + ~250 folder
processing rules (almost all active, CM could manage way more filters,
would only cost cpu cycles when they are fired), ~750 folders,
1,200,000 messages. 5GB virtual memory + 2GB resident for the biggest
instance. I would not run this configuration on a low-memory system,
slow cpu and disk, though, but I would definitely not run other email
software in weaker conditions (and not even w/ how much data).


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