[Users] [Bug 4213] Prepending quotation mark auto wraps line although "Auto wrapping" is disabled in compose window

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Wed May 15 12:49:59 CEST 2019


--- Comment #2 from Santa Claws <bugreporter at riseup.net> ---
The idea is to have a way to turn of all auto wrapping for a custom message
while still have it on by default. What you suggest is to change the default
back and forth for each custom case. I suppose that Edit->Auto wrapping on/off
was created exactly in order to avoid that, so I assumed it was a bug that it
doesn't work for quotations too.

If you think it is invalid, would it make more sense to turn this into a
feature request? Like: Have Compose window option Edit->Auto wrap quotation
on/off? Sounds more complicated though because then one would still have to
toggle 2 settings for a custom case.

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