[Users] My Menu Bar Is Missing

Andrej Kacian ticho at claws-mail.org
Sat May 4 18:40:38 CEST 2019

On Sat, 4 May 2019 11:35:08 -0400
Jim Seymour wrote:

> > 
> > If that doesn't do it, whilst CM is _not_ running, set
> > mainwin_menubar=1 in clawsrc.  It's probably 0 ATM.  
> Bingo!  Thanks, Brad, that fixed it.

The shortcut to toggle menu bar was originally just F12, it was only
changed in recent versions. And since shortcuts, being customisable, are
saved together with your config (~/.claws-mail directory), your config
probably still had that one.

We changed it to Ctrl+F12 because people were too often accidentally
hitting that key and then wondering where their menu bar went - just
like you. :)

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