[Users] [Bug 4185] Quick search does not release focus on 'Enter'

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Mon Mar 25 09:18:00 CET 2019


--- Comment #10 from Andreas <finkandreas at web.de> ---
The behavior described in the original post would be new then. Is it something
that has been implemented in the git version, to keep focus on the search
I'm currently using the 3.17.3 release, and when I'm searching for something
and hit Enter, the focus moves to the message list, and I can use Shift+N as
The only case, where the search input keeps focus, is in case the search result
delivers 0 matches, i.e. there is no message to focus in the message list.

I must agree with George, that after you hit the Enter button, you usually
expect to navigate through the search results, and not the search term. The
comments mentioning that capital letters wouldn't work anymore are a bit of an
overreaction, because it explicitly states that the shortcuts should work only
after hitting the enter button, not while typing the search term.

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