[Users] WARNING: "Plugin litehtml_viewer will not be built; missing libgumbo "

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Thu Mar 7 20:49:12 CET 2019

On Thu, 7 Mar 2019 20:42:48 +0100 Andrej Kacian wrote:

> You could get the gumbo library[1] packaged for
> openSUSE. That's the right way.

Can you confirm that it is a long term dependency? I
could probably open a bug report at openSUSE's
bugzilla asking to have it included in next releases.
But perhaps they would consider it only when it is in
the stable version of CM.

> The quick way is to just download and compile it for
> yourself. :)
> 1. https://github.com/google/gumbo-parser

Hm... google :) Now I am hesitant :P


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