[Users] New Windows Users: S/MIME

Luke Robison lukerobison at gmail.com
Wed Jan 30 00:51:23 CET 2019

I'm trying to get claws set up on windows specifically because it seems to
have good integration with encryption, but I'm either doing something
wrong, or claws isn't doing what I expected.

First I installed 3.17.3 for win32.  I found the GPG options, and it looked
like it needed a path to gpg, which I didn't have installed.  All signed
and encypted emails just show up as extra attachments in the mail viewer,
so sign that GPG is trying to validate or decrypt anything.

Next I installed gpg4win.  From the command line, I imported my certificate
I had previously used from Thunderbird using gpgsm.  GPG seemed happy.
Then I added a cert for one of my contacts.  GPG still seemed happy.  Then
I decrypted an smime.p7m file I saved from claws again using gpgsm.  Great,
everything works from the command line.

Now back to claws, I'm unsure if I should give claws the GPG path to either
gpgsm.exe or gpg.exe, but neither one has much effect.  Nothing has changed
that I can see for encrypted or signed messages.  No error messages about
bad or missing certificates.  I've selected S/MIME as my preferred

Trying to send mail does give errors.  Simply trying to send a signed
message gives a "Secret key not found" error, so I suspect what I'm running
from the command line and what claws is running are two different
programs.  Running with --debug and checking the claws-win32.log file
doesn't do much either, see log excerpt below

Any suggestions?


sgpgme.c:590:sgpgme_setup_signers: OpenPGP protocol
sgpgme.c:600:using key for myemail at company.com
warning: setup_signers start: End of filealertpanel.c:253:Creating alert
panel dialog...
alertpanel.c:211:called inc_lock (lock count 2)
alertpanel.c:221:called inc_unlock (lock count 1)
compose.c:5407:called inc_unlock (lock count 0)
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