[Users] [Bug 4141] To: column content not correctly preparing addresses...

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Fri Jan 4 16:28:44 CET 2019


--- Comment #4 from Paul Rolland <rol at as2917.net> ---
Nice we now have a common view ;)

I think you only commented one part of what I consider as the problem:
 - "does not strip any leading/trailing whitespace between multiple entries"
   This is one problem, and applying something like the perl re: s/  +/ /g
   could fix that first problem.

 - the second problem is that if the To: is only formatted with a
   To: <user at domain>
   and no "comment"
   then this is totally removed, and nothing is shown.

But I'm OK to cook something... if someone gives me some pointers to look at ;)

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