[Users] Building the gtk3 claws variant?

Salvatore De Paolis iwkse at claws-mail.org
Sat Feb 2 17:55:57 CET 2019

Hi Perry,

On Sat, 2 Feb 2019 11:19:14 -0500
"Perry E. Metzger" <perry at piermont.com> wrote:

> What do I need to do in order to check out and build the gtk3 variant
> of Claws? And is there a version of Fancy that works with it?
> Perry

You need to checkout the remote gtk3 branch like:

git checkout -b gtk3 origin/gtk3

and you're on the right branch for building fancy. It renders page in
the actual stage but there's stuff missing from the gtk2 version.
I also suggest you to take a look at the litehtml plugin. (there's a
specific branch for that)


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