[Users] address book

Dave Howorth dave at howorth.org.uk
Fri Dec 27 13:24:47 CET 2019

I've always been mystified by claws address book. So I've just ignored
it and have got by just fine, by and large. Today I decided to try to
remove an old address from it so I didn't use it by accident, and now
I'm thoroughly befuddled :(

I hoped I would just open the address book, search for the old address,
delete it and be done.

So I opened the address book (success!), typed part of the address in
the Search box and pressed Find. No results :(

Hmm, well I omitted a step, didn't I? When I bring up the address book,
there is no Search box. I have to click on something else first - I
clicked on 'Common addresses'. What is that, it doesn't appear in the
manual? So when that gave no results, I clicked on 'Personal addresses'
and still got no results. And what is that folder - yes it is mentioned
in the manual but no reason for it is given.

Oh, and the search box is cleared whenever I click on a different
folder - why? So far from 'help you in organising your contacts' as
far as I am concerned the multiple folders are just there to make life
more difficult for me.

Why won't the search box search multiple (all) folders for me?

At that point I changed tack and typed part of the address into the
header of a new message and sure enough up came the old address and
some others, but I can't delete it from the address book, though I can
add it.

Then I thought to search for the address in .claws-mail but no it's not
there. WTF?

Eventually I decided to try searching evolutionvCard (I have no idea
what a vCard is and don't particularly want to know). Ah ha! The
address is there. But the delete button is greyed out! Gah!

How do I tell claws not to present this email address to me as a
possible recipient of new emails?

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