[Users] [Bug 4287] Compose: pasting (new in version 3.17.4) does not work

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Fri Dec 20 10:12:13 CET 2019


--- Comment #11 from Ricardo Mones <mones at users.sourceforge.net> ---
Just tested on Linux and all of this seems to work as expected:

 - Drag and dropping text file or image file launches the dialog for
   selecting between insert or attach the file.

   The only sublety I've observed here is that when the insert button
   is selected for an image file nothing happens, which is perfectly
   ok, but perhaps this code path could be improved by just attaching
   the image and bypassing that dialog.

 - Copying an image from a graphic viewer (Ctr-C or “Edit/Copy image”)
   and pasting into compose body (Ctrl-V or “Edit/Paste” in Claws Mail)
   does also attaches the image, as announced in aforementioned release

   Another sublety here is that pasting into compose header entries just
   reveals the URI, so perhaps this could also be improved, as it seems
   unlikely anybody really wants to use an URI string as a header content
   when doing this paste.

 - “Message/Attach” in compose does correctly attach files, regardless
   of their type.

 - “Message/Insert” works also ok for text files, but fails for images
   because it trieds to read them as text, which leads to an invalid
   encoding error. The only improvement I see here is suggesting the
   user to use the "Message/Attach" option when those fails happen.

So, to summarize, this seems a Windows-only error.

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