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John Crisp jcrisp at safeandsoundit.co.uk
Thu Dec 19 15:03:37 CET 2019

Claws Mail version 3.17.4 from git
Following on from the inbox sorting thread I realised there was
something I didn't know how to do that has been irritating me.

I like my mail sorted with the newest at the top. Generally.

However, when I have a folder with threads I like the first thread mail
to be sorted with the thread with newest 'replies' at the top, but with
the replies sorted in ascending date order.

This is the way Thunderbird does it. (Sort, Ascending, Threaded)

It kind of makes sense because you click on the first message in the
thread, then read down to go to the next (cos I read from top to
bottom !!)

Note it sorts the threads with the one containing the newest mail at
the top a bit like this:

ThreadMail1-1 01/01
  ThreadMail1-2  02/01
    ThreadMail1-2-1  03/01
    ThreadMail1-2-2  10/12 < newest reply lifting the thread to top
  ThreadMail1-3  03/01
  ThreadMail1-4  04/01
  ThreadMail1-5  05/01  

ThreadMail3-1 01/12
  ThreadMail3-2  02/12
    ThreadMail3-2-1  03/12
    ThreadMail3-2-2  04/12
  ThreadMail3-3  03/12
  ThreadMail3-4  04/12
  ThreadMail3-5  05/12

ThreadMail2-1 01/11
  ThreadMail2-2  02/11
  ThreadMail2-3  03/11
  ThreadMail2-4  04/11
  ThreadMail2-5  05/11

Current Claws behaviour is like this:

ThreadMail2-1 01/12
  ThreadMail2-5  05/12
  ThreadMail2-4  04/12
  ThreadMail2-3  03/12
  ThreadMail2-2  02/12

ThreadMail1-1 01/11
  ThreadMail1-5  05/11
  ThreadMail1-4  04/11
  ThreadMail1-3  03/11
  ThreadMail1-2  02/11

That means you select the top mail, then the bottom one, then work your
way upwards.

It just kind of jars after years of TB !

Anyone any idea if this can be modified with a setting, and if so, how?

B. Rgds
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