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Little Girl littlergirl at gmail.com
Wed Dec 18 13:31:26 CET 2019

Hey there,

Dave Howorth wrote:
>Smokeyone <Smokeyone at protonmail.ch> wrote:

>> Just to confer to avoid any confusion from me -
>> Open Claws
>> Click Inbox
>> Top of the screen click view
>> Drop down list click sort
>> Drop down list - the little circle is highlighted by date plus at
>> the bottom ascending  

>I can't help you but for what it's worth I see exactly that and my
>Inbox is sorted with the oldest messages (threads actually in my case
>since I view threaded) at the top.
>What version of claws are you using? I am using 3.16.0 and FWIW I
>want it to display like that.

Same here in 3.13.2 and I also want it to display like that. If I
didn't, though, I would click the Date heading in the message list
to change the sort order. There's a little arrow on the right side of
it that points downward. If you click the heading, the arrow points
upward and the sort changes to listing the newest messages at
the top. I just closed and reopened Claws Mail and that sort order
change was preserved, so that should do it for you unless they've
changed it since this version. I'm going to change it back, though.

Little Girl

There is no spoon.

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