[Users] Extremely slow connection to git.claws-mail.org

Ricardo Mones ricardo at mones.org
Fri Sep 28 09:18:35 CEST 2018

On Thu, Sep 27, 2018 at 06:49:09PM +0300, Removed GDPR wrote:
> On Fri, 14 Sep 2018 11:22:08 +0300 Removed GDPR wrote:
> > On Thu, 13 Sep 2018 22:28:48 +0200 Colin Leroy-Mira
> > wrote:
> > 
> > > I'm sorry, we don't have any weight over our
> > > hosting provider's peerings...  
> > 
> > Have you at least notified them about the issue? I
> > don't expect it will get self fixed as it hasn't so
> > far.
> Any feedback please?
> FWIW: My ISP switched me to 1 Gbps (and I do have very
> fast connection speed to many countries), still this
> crawls at 15-25 KiB/s.

Not sure why you're still cloning, which seems to be slow by default¹,
and can be even slower using http (as announced²). Are you trying to
prove something or what is this cloning for?

Once you have a clone you only have to fetch or pull the changes, and
this is usually several orders of magnitude faster.

As Colin stated we don't have any control over this and notifying the
provider won't achieve anything, besides perhaps some laugh in their
tech department.

best regards,

¹ https://www.google.es/search?q=git+clone+slow
² https://git.claws-mail.org/?p=claws.git;a=summary
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