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Tue Sep 25 20:27:06 CEST 2018


Dňa Mon, 24 Sep 2018 13:26:43 +0200 Johan Vromans
<jvromans at squirrel.nl> napísal:

> When I receive (PGP)encrypted messages, I need to input my PGP key
> and then I can read the message. When I close the message, the
> temporary decryption is gone and the message remains encrypted in the
> mailbox. 
> While this is good for some messages, it is not necessary for some
> other messages. Once they survide the trip through the hostile
> internet and arrive save on my servers they can be decrypted and may
> be kept decrypted.

I agree with you, that not all messages need to be stored encrypted and
option for store decrypted message is missing for me too. I asked this
same here some time ago, but without any response.

Then i tried to do it by self as action's script. I was able to do this
for simple PGP/Inline messages with simple shell script, but there is
problem to do the same with PGP/Mime messages.

I searched some solution a lot and only tool which i found was mimepgp
from http://www.courier-mta.org/sqwebmail/ but i retired it finally. It
works, but it produces ugly decrypted messages with custom mime part
(X-mimegpg or so) and CM is not able search inside this part...

I tried to do own PGP/Mime decrypt's solution in Python. While i was
able to get results, i retired this solution too, because i fell as
reinventing wheels, because CM must have this part implemented already
to show content of decrypted message.

Both solutions had one common problem, rewriting message file doesn't
remove encrypted icon in CM messages list and i was not able to
distinguish between encrypted and already decrypted messages in list.

The final solution, which i am using is, that i setup own SMTP server
for these messages, which works only with SMTP+STARTTLS (and via 587
only, to prevent mass SPAM attempts) to ensure encrypted messages over
net and avoid needing to encrypt each message... While this works well
for me, it is not solution for everyone, because it has some DNS
and/or static IP requirements.

Hope this help you to avoid trying not-working attempts...


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