[Users] Using RSS and NNTP through TOR

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Sat Sep 22 15:57:16 CEST 2018

On Sat, 22 Sep 2018 13:46:02 +0200 Andrej Kacian wrote:

> What does --debug output say when trying to connect?


> As for RSSyl, right now, probably only setting
> http_proxy and https_proxy environment variables to
> "socks5://proxy:port" will work.

You mean in KDE Plasma settings? Won't that also force
mail to work through that proxy? I want mail to work
without proxy.

BTW I also experienced a weird issue when playing with
this. Here is the STR (please let me know if this is a
bug to be reported):

1. Set as socks5 proxy for NNTP account
2. Try to connect (failed as explained)
3. Undo 1
4. Repeat 1 for Preferences->Mail Handling->Proxy
(just to test if that would affect RSS, but this was
5. Refresh RSS
6. Undo 4
7. Exit CM
8. Start CM
9. Try to check default mail account

Suddenly here CM asked me for password although I have
always had it set in the account preferences. Then
when I went to check that account - I noticed that for
some reason the account was duplicated. I removed the
second copy, then tried again to check mail. Again: CM
asked for password. I opened again the account
settings, set the password, saved the changes. Once
again: CM asked for password. I exited CM but after
that could not start it. Only deleting the associated
directory in /tmp helped me start CM again. But even
after that - the password was not there. After a few
attempts CM finally memorized it.

Now that I was testing NNTP with proxy settings I
experienced a similar thing: Setting the proxy for the
NNTP account worked fine. Then for unsetting it I had
to do it twice because the first time the change
didn't get saved.

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