[Users] key binding mysteriously changing

Derek B. Noonburg derekn at foolabs.com
Fri Sep 21 23:09:28 CEST 2018

This is a weird little problem...  I removed the key binding for
ctrl-W in the compose window (by navigating to Message -> Close and
hitting the Delete key).  That works fine, and is reflected
in .claws-mail/menurc.

However, at some point later, the binding mysteriously reverts back to
the default (i.e., ctrl-W is once again bound to Message -> Close).

I have no idea how to debug this.  If I delete the binding, quit claws,
and restart it, it's fine.  The re-binding only seems to happen some
indeterminate time later.  I have no idea what's triggering it.

I've seen this with 3.17.0 and 3.17.1, both compiled from source, on

Has anyone seen anything like this?  Any suggestions on how to track it

- Derek

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