[Users] 60 second hangs on incoming messages

Pierre Fortin pf at pfortin.com
Fri Sep 14 19:07:29 CEST 2018


Having a weird problem...  I run 2 instances of CM, one on my primary
Linux account and another via "su - userid2". On the main instance,
incoming messages are checked and all seems fine. On the 2nd instance,
when mail arrives, I'm seeing long delays where CM is totally

Testing:  Instance2 offline. Sent test message from instance1. 
"Get" produced:

Network log:
[12:39:26] POP> LIST
[12:39:26] POP< +OK Mailbox scan listing follows
[12:39:26] POP> RETR 226
[12:39:26] POP< +OK 2836 octets
[12:39:26] POP> QUIT
[12:39:26] POP< +OK Sayonara

Filtering log:
[12:39:27] processing rule 'Listings' [ from matchcase "@pfortin.com" &
to matchcase "pierre at pfortin.com" move "#mh/Mailbox/inbox/ListingsToSelf"
] [12:39:27] checking if message matches [ from matchcase "@pfortin.com"
] [12:39:27] checking if message matches [ to matchcase
"pierre at pfortin.com" ]
> message matches
[12:39:27] applying action [ move "#mh/Mailbox/inbox/ListingsToSelf" ]

CM hung until 12:40:28 (~60 seconds).  This delay appears to be
multiplied by the number of messages arriving.

I'd been thinking this was due to SA plugin; but unchecking "Enable
SpamAssassin plugin", or unloading SA altogether has no effect on the

CM still hangs for 60 seconds per message.

Any suggestions on where to look for, or what might cause these delays?


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