[Users] Ubuntu bionic: HTML viewer plugin for Claws

nicolas.claws at iselin.ch nicolas.claws at iselin.ch
Tue Sep 4 21:05:21 CEST 2018

Hi Claws-Team,

I am a happy user of Claws since years. I even persuaded my mom and my
dad that HTML-Mails are a bad thing and there is no need to create
them and so they are using Claws too. Unfortunately, they still receive
a lot of HTML-mails and the fancy plugin was a faithful companion for

Now I am about to upgrade their machines to "bionic", the LTS release
from spring 2018.

As far as I have understood, fancy was relying on too old code and
availability on ubuntu stopped with xenial. I was happy to discover
that "claws-mail-dillo-viewer" is available for cosmic (see package
search below), but I really do need a HTML-Viewer for bionic.

Are there any plans to bring dillo to bionic (amd64) too? Is there a PPA
for it? Maybe it is possible use the cosmic deb source to backport it to

I know that a simple double click on the icon for the HTML-Part
launches an external browser - but the plugin way would be much nicer.

Furthermore, I am able to use a compiler myself, but I do this about
once every second year, so I don't feel really safe at it...

Any hint appreciated :-)


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