[Users] claws-mail 3.17.1 and selective mail download

sawbona at gmx.net sawbona at gmx.net
Wed Oct 31 14:35:38 CET 2018


I'm presently looking for a native Linux replacement for the email 
client I've run under Windows for 20+ years (Pegasus Mail) and now 
run under Devuan ASCII with Wine.

Originally, I took a good look at Sylpheed because it seemed to me 
that like I could easily adapt to it and also because the FAQ 
mentioned that there was a 'selective mail download' feature 

I've always used it in Pegasus Mail and find it to be very 

Unfortunately, in spite of being mentioned in the Sylphhed FAQ, it is 
nowhere to be found in the user interface and emails asking for 
information have not helped. (ie: bounced back, not answered or 
answered but no longer related to Sylpheed for years now).

As Claws was in it's origins a fork of Sylpheed and although it is 
not mentioned in the FAQ or user manual, I was wondering if 
'selective mail download' was/would/could be (eventually) available 
as a feature or maybe a plugin.

Thanks in advance.


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