[Users] Setting colors to folder names

Francois Ochsenbein francois.ochsenbein at gmail.com
Sat Mar 24 18:27:56 CET 2018


The number 15607821 represents a kind of red (=hex EE280D)
and 1670426 (=hex 197D1A) should is green...


==> Le samedi 2018-03-24 à 17:14+0100,
    Charles Stroom <charles at stremen.xs4all.nl> a écrit:

>newby on this mailing list but a long-time user of claws mail.  A
>simple user that is, just for reading and sending email.  And this is
>my first post here, so it might have been discussed already, but it is
>rather complicated to search old postings.
>Long time ago, I have managed to set the color to some specific folder
>names (like "Drafts", etc), but I couldn't remember how I have done it.
>At present I have found that in folderitemrc (in ~/.claws-mail) there
>are entries for the folders and one of the options is the option
>"folder_color=", which usually is 0 (black), but has a value like
>folder_color=15607821 for a red colored folder (probably set by me in
>the past).  1670426 seems to be representing green. I have 2 questions.
>- what color code is used here?  It is not RGB in decimal or hex.
>- the strange thing is that not all (sub)folders in folderitemrc are
>  present.  Sometimes sub-folders are present, but not the parent.  For
>  example an entry [#mh/Mailbox/mailinglists/mailman-l] is there, but
>  not [#mh/Mailbox/mailinglists]. "Drafts" is also missing, although it
>  has a specific color.  But there are also entries for folders
>  which are in fact not existing any more.  Could this be explained?
> Are there other places to look besides ~/.claws-mail?
>Thanks, Charles

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