[Users] Setting colors to folder names

Charles Stroom charles at stremen.xs4all.nl
Sat Mar 24 17:14:03 CET 2018


newby on this mailing list but a long-time user of claws mail.  A simple
user that is, just for reading and sending email.  And this is my first
post here, so it might have been discussed already, but it is rather
complicated to search old postings.

Long time ago, I have managed to set the color to some specific folder
names (like "Drafts", etc), but I couldn't remember how I have done it.
At present I have found that in folderitemrc (in ~/.claws-mail) there
are entries for the folders and one of the options is the option
"folder_color=", which usually is 0 (black), but has a value like
folder_color=15607821 for a red colored folder (probably set by me in
the past).  1670426 seems to be representing green. I have 2 questions.
- what color code is used here?  It is not RGB in decimal or hex.
- the strange thing is that not all (sub)folders in folderitemrc are
  present.  Sometimes sub-folders are present, but not the parent.  For
  example an entry [#mh/Mailbox/mailinglists/mailman-l] is there, but
  not [#mh/Mailbox/mailinglists]. "Drafts" is also missing, although it
  has a specific color.  But there are also entries for folders
  which are in fact not existing any more.  Could this be explained? Are
  there other places to look besides ~/.claws-mail?

Thanks, Charles


Charles Stroom
email: charles at no-spam.stremen.xs4all.nl (remove the "no-spam.")

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