[Users] [Bug 3992] folderitemrc keeps stale data for deleted/renamed folders/accounts

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Tue Mar 20 02:16:48 CET 2018


--- Comment #1 from codejodler at gmx.ch ---
I looked up my own claws (Debian Linux, all updated to 'testing' = Sid) and
found my folderitemrc is nearly 2 Mb, with entries dating back to at least

I create / rename / delete again folders very often, with every new project,
and also use arbitrary mail IDs, both of which can be confidental. When i
deleted this stuff, i thought it's gne for good now, with no traces except
maybe on some unkown server logs.

I maintain some 100 folders or so, but the file contaied probably in the
thousands. Because i chose 'telling' folder names, it represents kind of a
history of all my mail activities over the past 15 years.

I just deleted the file, including the bak, right away, but now i need to
reconfigure all those 'default account' settings, and colors, and templates.
Which i leaned on a lot.

I know that special privacy requires special measurements, which i are willing
to do only to some limited degree. The point is that i don't like the idea of
my mail history (obsolete IDs and folder names) 'archived' in one central place
(which is claws in my harddisk), not because i've got so much to hide, but
rather by principle; and yes, i fear some kind of trojan sniffer or local
In a nutshell, it means i can not trust claws.
Please think about a fix.

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