[Users] Messages going to wrong account - cont'd - Re: Users Digest, Vol 79, Issue 44

claws.paws at mailmight.com claws.paws at mailmight.com
Sun Mar 18 19:51:58 CET 2018


> claws.paws at mailmight.com wrote:
>> Urm well here is the set-up using fake addresses:
>> Account 1:  george at phonecoop.coop IMAP for RX and SMTP for TX.
>> Account 2:  fox at phonecoop.coop IMAP for Rx and SMTP for TX.
>> Account 1 is the default account. SOME messages for 'george' go to
>> 'fox'. They are not duplicates or copies just the original message.
>> I cannot be any clearer than that. Cheers, Paul.
> That is clearer.
> Do you have Filters configured in claws-mail?
> Do you have server-side filters?
> Is it claws-mail moving some msgs for 'george' to 'fox', or are they
> are already moved on the server before you receive them with
> claws-mail?
Arh that is a question I cannot anwser. I am assuming Claws is moving
them as the Service provider said it was not the server(!).> 
> For this last question it should become clear by running `claws-mail
> --debug` and looking at the debug output during a receive. If you
> can't make sense of the debug output, then attach the portion of it
> which shows the complete mail fetching operation and attach it to a
> msg here.
Right I shall do that. Please allow me some time to revert - getting
rather busy at the moment.Thanks & Regards,


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