[Users] Message going to both account s (Re: Users Digest, Vol 79, Issue 34)

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Tue Mar 13 18:09:51 CET 2018


> Are these POP accounts or IMAP accounts? If the former, are you
> sharing a mailbox between the two or do they each have their own
> mailbox? Have you configured the accounts correctly? E.g. on the
> Advanced page?
> What makes you think that the 2nd account gets messages addressed to
> the first?
> You need to tell us more about your set-up before any reasons can be
> determined.
> with regards
> Paul

Accounts RX = IMAP
                TX = SMTP

'Advanced' option has greyed out ports and the only things checked are
the 'sent' message go in 'sent' folder etc. No option with regard to
received messages.
Using Claws-Mail 3.15.1-dirty on Linux Mint 18.3 Mate 64 bit

Each account has its own password and a totally different address apart
from after the @.
Some of the messages addressed to the default account address end up in
the other account, not as copies or duplicates but as originals.
Not looked at headers yet. Will revert in due course.


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