[Users] I keep receiving my own posts for bug reports

Jeremy Nicoll jn.ml.clwm.729 at letterboxes.org
Sun Mar 11 21:33:43 CET 2018

On Sun, 11 Mar 2018, at 20:00, Removed GDPR wrote:
> On Sun, 11 Mar 2018 20:12:38 +0100 Ralf Mardorf wrote:
> > Use the filters provided by your ISP ;).
> I have tried that before asking here, similar to the way Jeremy
> suggested. My current mail service provider is Gmail (and researching
> for alternatives). Unfortunately it seems Gmail's filters won't
> distinguish "[Bug ]" and "bug" in subject and know nothing about
> "X-Bugzilla-Who".

I've never used Gmail but I get the impression that filtering there uses
the same syntax as searching.  I think (after reading several hints pages)

   subject:"[Bug "

addresses the first issue.   I've not seen anything that supports search
for arbitrary headers though.

In your situation I think I'd change the email address I use on Bugzilla
and have all the emails it sends sent somewhere else, or just not get 
any of them.  I'd use the suggestion above to separate Bugzilla mails 
that everyone sees from other chat on this mail list (and use the list:
search criterion too so that the filters only apply to this list's traffic).

I don't really see why you'd object to seeing your own Bugzilla 
contributions in amongst other people's replies - it'd let you see the 
whole lot in context.

I don't use any of the free email suppliers.   Currently the suppliers I
use offer reasonably versatile webmail systems.    One is 'fastmail' - 
https://www.fastmail.com - who have their own webmail system 
and their own app for mobile use - I use the webmail system which 
really is very fast and versatile (though I'd prefer to use a client which 
is why I started to look at CM - crashes of CM's Windows client have
kept me from pursuing that at the moment).   The other supplier uses 
'Roundcube' which I think many mail providers use.  Both of those 
systems offer versatile  filtering. 

Jeremy Nicoll - my opinions are my own.

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