[Users] "From"-field in an mail-answer doesn't match with the "To" in the replied mail

Christoph Stracke christoph at miedermacher.de
Fri Mar 9 16:08:39 CET 2018

Dear Claws-Users,

this is my first posting. I have subscribed to this list, because I
have a problem, which is very similar to "Bug 2168":

I have several email-addresses, which are forwarded into one
"collecting-account". When I answer to a mail, Claws normally takes the
address, to which the sender posted his mail, as my answer-address. So,
the sender get's the answer from the address, which he wrote to. Mostly
this is working fine.

BUT: When the sender is a mailing-list or when I get an email from a
list with hidden (BCC:) addresses, Claws does not take the right address
for the answer, but instead the address of the "collecting-account".
When I look at the header, Claws takes the "Delivered-To"-address to
send the answer, but instead it should take the "Envelope-To"-address.

Is it possible for me to change this behaviour, or is it a bug?

Thanks in advance … :-)
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