[Users] See the 'FILES' section of `man claws-mail` for brief descriptions of the files.

Jeremy Nicoll jn.ml.clwm.729 at letterboxes.org
Thu Mar 8 15:00:54 CET 2018

On Thu, 8 Mar 2018, at 13:07, Removed GDPR wrote:

> It is not just a question of space but rather of order and information
> collision. For example I notice the following structure exists:
> ~/.claws-mail/RSSyl/.../<some feed>/1
> ~/.claws-mail/RSSyl/.../<some feed>/2
> ...
> ~/.claws-mail/RSSyl/.../<some feed>/N
> The messages seems to always be 1-N. When I delete (inside CM) certain
> RSS messages which I have read and then refresh the feed - new messages
> may arrive. So consider a scenario like this:
> 1. Your refresh an RSS feed
> 2. For simplicity lets suppose 3 messages arrive only (1, 2, 3)
> 3. You backup everything
> 4. On the next day your read messages 1, 2, 3 and delete them
> 5. Refresh RSS feed
> 6. This time new 5 messages arrive (1, 2, ... 5)
> 7. Something happens and you have to restore from backup
> 8. During the restore messages 1, 2, 3 get overridden with older files
> The question is: how will CM handle such logical/sequence conflict?

There's no conflict.  If you replace (by doing a restore) one complete set
of Claws files by another complete set, you will have restored Claws to 
the state it was in when that backup was originally made.

What you must not do is pick and choose which files within a backup
you restore.  It must be the whole lot.

(That's not Claws-specific.  Many applications' backups require the 
whole set of logically consistent files to be backed-up or restored in
one complete set.)

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