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Thu Mar 1 23:57:42 CET 2018

> I don't use gmail and will not going to verify; but anyway. It may be
> the case that gmail shows different 'virtual' views no matter where
> they store those mails for real, and never move anything 'for real'.
> Maybe their API simply does not have such a feature, not internally
> and also not for remote MUA clients ? Or maybe you can / need to
> configure gmail for that feature (e.g. switch off 'all mail'), in
> addition to claws. Try searching the web.

Yes, obviously Gmail has different views scheme. "All mail" cannot be
turned off. It can only be hidden from IMAP but it is still there and
contains all emails. I suppose internally the database stores
everything in "All mail" and simply tags/labels the messages imitating
folders in this way optimizing storage usage. Another thing about which
I read is that in Gmail when you label/folder a message - only the
first message in the thread is labeled. That obviously creates a mess
for a MUA like Claws.

> What you can do to help tracking it down is launch another MUA like
> Thunderbird and compare if they can do it.

I have deliberately moved away from all Mozilla products. They leak info
in the background connecting to hosts of Amazon, Akamai etc. I don't
need their "privacy" and telemetry nonsense :) Claws is the best thing I
have found so far.

> But you probably meant that a MUA is rather acting as just a frontend
> to the server side database when using the IMAP protocol. Still, the
> question is, who is not compliant here: gmail, claws, or maybe even
> the IMAP specs are  lacking ?

Good question. When I tested Thunderbird some time ago for example it
had a feature to show in which locations (labels/folders) the current
message is which is similar to how Gmail puts visually labels in the
message list. Claws doesn't seem to have that unfortunately. Another
thing which I found lacking in Claws is the ability to select more than
one folder and see the messages in all selected folders. If that was
possible then I suppose it would not be difficult to have a config
option for seeing treads which span across folders.

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