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Thu Mar 1 16:03:33 CET 2018

> On folder, right click -> properties -> Compose -> Save outgoing
> message to this folder instead of Sent

Won't that make the outgoing messages to appear only in the
particular folder (and not in Sent)? Ideally what I would want is to
still have the outgoing in Sent but be able to see the whole thread in
the particular folder in which the incoming message is (the one
starting the thread). That is how it is in Gmail's UI.

> It works best if you filter -> move incoming things into thematic
> folders.

I already have that set through filters in Gmail itself. But it makes
no sense to create filters for each particular address. It would need
hundreds of filters. Or are you suggesting to do that at the root
account "folder" and simply choose "Apply to subfolders"? Would that

> That said, personally i really do not see a need for a 'sent
> messages' view. I mean, you can anyway see on first sight (in the
> message list thread view) if a message was incoming or sent, e.g. if
> you have summary display the 'from' field. And if you needed all
> 'sent' messages in one list (say, for deleting them altogether) you
> can simply sort by this field. And probably there's also some
> Extended QuickSearch option.

Actually I thought about that too. But I was hesitant to do it in order
no to break any "standard" of how mail is kept server side.

> [ btw you know the message list fields are customizable in the prefs?
> Prefs -> Display -> Summaries -> Displayed columns (the second one,
> scroll way down) ]

Yes, I know that. Thanks :)

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