[Users] [Bug 3754] interactive auth dialogs pops endlessly

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Sun Jun 24 22:39:02 CEST 2018


--- Comment #8 from Dave Bashford <cliffy at bashford.org> ---
"loading the plugin and then not logging in" is not the use case in question. 
Viacheslav describes my problem correctly in his second bullet.  Rephrasing the
problem: I'm logged in with the GData plugin having a authorized token and
everything is working fine.  Then sometime later and unrelated to anything
here, my router requires rebooting.  If the GData plugin doesn't notice that I
rebooted my router, it continues to work fine.  If the GData plugin does
notice, it asks for a new token when it didn't need one.

My reading of the Google API, which could be mistaken, says that I should only
have to authorize my email app once per lifetime, not once per week.

At the risk of speaking for Viacheslav, I believe the problem in his first
bullet would disappear, or at least be much reduced if the problem in his
second bullet were fixed.

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