[Users] claws on an nvme

ralph suselist at cableone.net
Tue Jun 19 19:42:38 CEST 2018

[3.16.0 on linux]

I've just installed an nvme (m.2 2280) on my daily-driver machine, with
a new os release installed and with an existing /home copied over from
its previous location on a spinning drive.

My question is this: my copied-over claws config has 'Use secure
deletion if possible' set.  How does claws handle the 'secure deletion'
on an nvme (or any ssd)?  If it's doing multiple overwrites then is
there a way to move the 'Trash' folder (and only the Trash folder) to a
spinning drive?  Or should I just unset the 'secure deletion' option?
Or is this not even a problem to think about?



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