[Users] [Bug 4059] Sort by date works incorrectly

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--- Comment #9 from Richard <lists-claws at listmail.innovate.net> ---
I don't see anything about this that is odd or "wrong". In the world of record
retrieval, records are selected and the output ordered, by the criteria
provided. If the criteria match exactly across all the retrieved records the
output order is generally referred to as "arbitrary", and is determined by
deeper issues. In the case of a database, it's often record id or index order.
With files it's generally inode. This means that if you copy records/files from
one location to another these lower-level items will likely change, so the
output order will change too. So, if you have 2 or more records where the
user-visible Date: (message creation date/time) field is identical, and that's
the field you are selecting and sorting on, then the output order is what it is
and may well be different if the same messages are moved to a different
location. With a database, the output can well vary from one record retrieval
and display to the next due to underlying index optimization.

I have often wished that I could use more than one criteria for the sort of
records on output (something that is basic to true database output), but these
types of displays, which are common across most current UIs of all types, don't
support that. It would be a nice enhancement.

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