[Users] [Bug 4048] "--offline" command line switch has no effect

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Sat Jul 14 00:19:37 CEST 2018


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Paul, sorry about that. It would have been much easier and shorter if there was
clear documentation about the build process. (I asked for a link, remember?)

I was able to take everything to the point where only fancy, tnef_parse and
vcalendar are disabled due to missing dependencies (which I assume is OK).

So following the instructions further:

[/tmp/download/claws]: sh version
[/tmp/download/claws]: make
[/tmp/download/claws]: sudo checkinstall
[sudo] password for root: 
sudo: checkinstall: command not found

I have no idea what this checkinstall is. There is no such package on openSUSE
at all.

If anyone could provide info how to proceed, I would be able to test with a
recent version.

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