[Users] [Bug 4048] "--offline" command line switch has no effect

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console output

> I'd say you're missing gettext-devel, or whatever your distro calls it.

That seems to be correct. I installed gettext-tools which helped autogen.sh to
progress further.

> There's no need to copy any m4 files anywhere, the autotools scripts will find all of them in their proper locations. :)

Looks like it. Perhaps the documentation in the link I shared needs update as
it suggest copying of files.

> Is there no Suse website showing how the claws-mail package is build for the  distro?

I am not a C developer (at least not during the last 15 years), so I haven't
been digging into that. What I know is that they use
https://build.opensuse.org/ and that software can also be searched for in
https://software.opensuse.org/. For the official package (in the distro):


and the 3.16 version which I normally use:


I don't know anything more.

So... I have started from scratch and autogen.sh completed. However it shows
quite a few warnings + disabled features due to missing dependencies. In order
not to proceed with something wrong/incomplete - how do I fix those, so I can
finish the compilation without issues? (and then test the bug)

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