[Users] [Bug 4048] "--offline" command line switch has no effect

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Fri Jul 13 12:30:35 CEST 2018


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> If it is bug 3993 then its already fixed and this is a duplicate

"may be related" != "it is a duplicate". The later implies it is identical and
I definitely don't think it is because if it was it would happen always,
regardless of the command line switch. The fact is: it does not happen always
but only when I quit CM in online mode. Nothing in the other bug (including the
committed code) implies a relation to the command line options. So marking this
as duplicate is incorrect.

> otherwise it could be that there are patches applied by suse and you should report the bug there.

This is not an official repo by SUSE, so there is no possibility to report. In
the official repo they still have version 3.13. I have reported that and refuse
to update it. That's why I use the mentioned other repo.

If you doubt the culprit is the distributed binary, I would be happy to compile
CM from source. Then we can be sure we are testing the same thing.

Could you please provide a link with instructions how to do that?

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