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On Mon, 9 Jul 2018 12:16:10 +0200
"Jean-Stephane BAGOEE" <jsbagoee at intelligentemails.com> wrote:

Hello Jean-Stephane,

This is quite likely going to fall on deaf ears......

>I tried to unsubscribe but your system is too complicated, normally one
>click should be enough. So please unsubscribe.

No, there's always more than one step;  You need to respond to the
confirmation email, otherwise you'll remain subscribed.

The CM list uses the same system for (un)subscribing that over 80% of
mailing lists utilise.  Many people cope without problem.

>Reason : I don't get the support I expect, your Mailing list system is

This list is manned by volunteers and users of CM as well as (some of)
its dev team.  All are unpaid.  No guarantees that your messages are
seen by all, never mind understood.

>too complicated, outdated and unclear. I gave the same question 3 times
>and still don't understand what to do , so I give up.

Not everybody has the time available to ask for a clarification of what
you've asked, if they don't understand what you want.  In any case, you
got an answer from Paul on the 3rd of July and further response pointing
you to that reply on the 5th.

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