[Users] Replying in the same folder

Paul Steyn paulsteyn1 at afrihost.co.za
Wed Jul 4 01:07:31 CEST 2018

> > You've never forgotten something, or needed to correct grammar,
> > typos, instructions, ...? :)  
> Of course I have forgotten and made mistakes. But I have never
> corrected a message after it has been sent just in order to have a
> corrected version in my outbox.

That was also my first thought, but then I experimented a little, and
it seems that "Re-edit" isn't the most descriptive of labels. It seems
to me to be more of a "re-open this message as a new email", or
"compose a new email, using this as a beginning, sending to the same
people, with the same subject and body", but that's a bit wordy.

None of that seems specific to the "Sent" folder, though.


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