[Users] [Bug 3956] Please allow a folder to be emptied for folders such as 'Junk'

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Wed Jan 31 16:45:39 CET 2018


--- Comment #4 from Ricardo Mones <mones at users.sourceforge.net> ---
(In reply to comment #0)
> When a folder is right-clicked and 'Properties' -> 'General' -> 'Folder
> Type' is chosen, in addition to 'Normal', 'Trash', 'Queue', etc, I think
> there needs to be a folder type of 'Junk'.  
> I'm asking for this so that it can be emptied like the Trash folder, instead
> of having to Select All and Deleting.
> If a 'Junk' folder type is too specific, maybe you could add a check-box to
> the general folder properties called 'Can be emptied' or something similar.

Having to configure folders for this simple operation is a bit overkill IMO.
Furthermore, if not configured that way, should the "Select All" + "Delete"
combination still empty the folder or not? :-)

Reusing the "Empty trash..." context menu item and naming it "Empty folder..."
when it's not a Trash folder is more straighforward and probably easier to

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